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QuickBooks and eCommerce – Integrated Systems

Technology is allowing more individuals to access the freedom of working for themselves than ever before and eCommerce solutions are one of the key factors in this brave new world.  As more High Street stores bite the dust each week, the rise of eCommerce appears to be getting faster.  Despite the fact that Christmas is just around the corner, the media continue to report on the closure, job losses and move online of more famous, High Street brands.  For those already successfully operating online the continued dominance of eCommerce is great news.  For those setting up online for the first time there are a number of factors to consider and significant one is often a question of systems integration with eCommerce platforms. Accounting systems, in particular, can be important when migrating to the world of eCommerce and an eCommerce site that doesn't integrate well, or at all with, your existing accounting systems can be a time consuming problem.  One widely used accounting package is provided by Intuit; QuickBooks Online Accounting software is popular with small and medium businesses as it has been designed and specifically built with their needs in mind.

Types of Integration

Intuit have become a leading provider for small businesses because they understand the needs of these firms and the rapidly changing landscape in which they operate.  They have developed their systems with these rapid changes in mind and, as a result, are a leading provider in the online accounting field.  Cloud provision of software is likely to become the only provision in the not too distant future, and it offers huge advantages to small firms, most notably in the time saving and flexibility areas of life.  For those moving into eCommerce, the good news is that QuickBooks products are widespread enough for many eCommerce providers to take note and make their system easily to integrate.  When it comes to integrating software such as QuickBooks online accounting software, there are two main approaches; firstly to choose a provider that allows easy integration and secondly to employ software that can provide a ‘bridge’ between the two systems, creating an integrated solution.


Specifically with QuickBooks in mind, both "Goecart" offers a seamless integration solution.  For those who have invested in the Quickbooks software finding an ecommerce solution that has been designed for simple straightforward integration is likely to be a priority.  The eCommerce system available from Goecart allows you to migrate all of your systems to the platform.  It does however also offer the opportunity to continue to manage from both Goecart itself and QuickBooks, or to continue to manage entirely from QuickBooks.


Datalink offer an alternative solution to integrating a range of eCommerce platforms and QuickBooks.  Datalink offers a range of flexible services that allow you to use the eCommerce platform of your choice, regardless of whether it is designed to work with your accounting and business management platforms.  As QuickBooks is a global leader, Datalink have specific products to manage data transfer between it and a range of platforms.  In addition they can also offer a range of other services allowing you to integrate other software with your eCommerce provider.  Speeding up the data transfer process and avoiding error reduction through their automated systems can result in an overall efficient and flexible solution for firms taking their first steps into the world of eCommerce.

Making the Choice

With eCommerce rapidly becoming one of the few remaining versions of commerce, it’s likely that most firms will be faced with the transition into trading mostly, or wholly, on the Internet in the distant future.  Maximising the returns and limiting the hassle of the transfer and the process in general are vital to success on the web and make the process simpler, more cost effective and easier to achieve.  For those looking for existing software integration the simplest route can be working with an eCommerce provider who can provide existing solutions.  However, services available from firms like Datalink can be powerful ways in which to achieve a complete transition in the minimum amount of time.

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