Sunday, December 31, 2023

AWS - Get quicksight embed url using JavaScript SDK V3

In the realm of data-driven solutions, AWS QuickSight offers a robust platform for crafting dynamic and insightful dashboards. Embedding these dashboards directly into your applications adds a layer of accessibility and convenience. This guide walks you through the process of obtaining a secure QuickSight embed URL using JavaScript SDK V3, suitable for both Node.js backend and Lambda functions. Before proceeding, ensure your QuickSight dashboard is created and shared with the intended audience.


Make sure you've completed the following preliminary steps:

Dashboard Setup:
Create your QuickSight dashboard and Share the dashboard with all users in your AWS account.
Open the published dashboard and choose Share at upper right. Then choose Share dashboard.

Domain Whitelisting:

Whitelist the domain where you plan to embed the QuickSight dashboard