Sunday, January 20, 2013

How Ethical Hacking Helps Progress

Before the role was that of a penetration tester. Such a person had to be of nerdy or furtive
character and would have the ability to test out computer networks in order to find out
security flaws on them. Such a role is getting a makeover along with a change in name. The
name change has been to that of ethical hacker which also explains the rise in such a role
or job among computer graduates these days. The name change is not the reason alone
for the rise of popularity but also due to the job being challenging and fascinating. Again,
such a job role is becoming increasingly in demand as systems and networks are being built
in impenetrable ways only to find that one had to find a way to get in after the doors have
been closed.

Cyber Space Offers Challenges

The cyber space is becoming the preferred place for most criminals these days and even
governments are waging wars of industrial espionage through cyber space. Hence, big
or small businesses are hiring experts who will help to protect their interests online.
Computer graduates are becoming the preferred choice as there is a lot of learning involved
in performing such a role and usually graduates who are hungry for challenges are up to
such roles. There have also emerged courses in universities that are dedicated to such a
discipline showing the lucrativeness of such a career choice in the industry today.

Hacking Needs To Be Countered

Hacking has always been a challenge, whether it is done ethically or non ethically. Today
ethical hackers have to be highly specialized and skilled in their task and one needs to take
up an apprenticeship in such a job role as the learning curve to become a practitioner in
such a field is pretty steep. Those who are proponents in this field point out that, it takes
about five years or so for candidates to be trained to such a point that they can allowed to
tackle a customer problem themselves.

Aptitude To Be An Ethical Hacker

When one wishes to pursue the career of an ethical hacker, they need to have a high level
of intelligence as well as high IQ. The intelligence does not need to be accompanied with
a first class degree but that which will be manifested as one learns on the job. Those who
love to put things apart and try and put them back together in order to see how the whole
thing works, probably will have an aptitude for such a role. Such a process is called reverse
engineering and that is a method that is primarily used by ethical hackers when they sense
security threats on software.

Why Ethical Hackers Are In Demand

Today, ethical hackers are in demand. As more and more businesses go online and cyber
crime increases, such people need to be at the backend of systems of businesses to
safeguard them and to be able to find out where breaches of security occur.

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This article on ethical hacking as a career prospect has been contributed by Matt Anton. He
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