Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How to Use Cloud Computing for a Business and Home?

Cloud computing offers many benefits in both home and office settings. Cloud services provide
a secure way of storing large amounts of data. Information can be shared between individuals or
companies and the networks can be made either public or private depending on the nature of the
information stored. Cloud servers offer a variety of packages to meet the needs of families and
businesses of various sizes.

While many families do not need the vast amounts of storage cloud computing offers, the
security it provides can protect important medical documents and insurance information.
Businesses, on the other hand, need the capability for ever increasing amounts of storage as well
as proven security features that protect their confidential information. Family and business have
various needs that can be met using cloud computing services tailored specifically for them.

Getting started is as easy as contacting a cloud service. Many offer trial periods so customers can
create a service and after a specific amount of time (normally 30 to 90 days) can decide whether
or not they want to sign on for a long term contract. If they do not like the service, they retrieve
their information and move on to the next company. If they do choose to continue with the cloud
service, they agree to a specific time period. They fine tune the package they have created and
agree to pay by the month, semi-annually or annually, depending on their needs.

Creating a package helps companies and families alike get exactly what they need. Families want
security. They normally do not need massive amounts of storage, but they have the option to
increase it if the need arises. Companies, depending on their type of business can choose either
a private or public format. Companies in the health care industry normally require a private
network that allows limited access to the cloud. Only providers and healthcare professionals
can access the information of their patients through the private and confidential network. Public
clouds, however, can be accessed by almost anyone who has a secure internet connection.

Cloud service providers are capable of altering packages if a company decides they need more
storage space or if security parameters need to be changed. One of the most popular benefits of
cloud computing is the ability to access information from anywhere. Because the information
is stored at a third party location, the information can be accessed from any internet connection
with the appropriate password and identifying characteristics.

Cloud computing offers benefits for both businesses of every size as well as families. The service
does cost a fee, but the rewards of being able to access information when it is needed and know it
is safe and secure are worth price.

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This information on how to use cloud computing is from Train ACE, a company out of Greenbelt, MD that offers a variety courses and computer training.