Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Java program to take screen shots of your desktop

This example is used to take screen shots of your desktop and save the file in specific format in your machine. This example uses java.awt.Robot class to capture the screen pixels and returns a BufferedImage. Java.awt.Robot class is used to take the control of mouse and keyboard, see API for more options. Once you get the control, you can do any type of operation related to mouse and keyboard through your java code.

Please see the self explanatory java code below. This example takes screen shot of your desktop after an interval of every 5 second, you can customize it as per your requirement.

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Pros And Cons Of The ZK Framework For Java

By Adam Shrum, IT Manager and analyst at Dynamic CAFM, a Texas based facilities management software provider.

When tackling a new software development project there are many things to consider. First, what is the scope of the project? Second, what language should be used to develop the project. And Finally, what tools will be needed to complete the project efficiently. I manage a team of developers in Pearland, TX and we have had to answer all three of these questions at one time or another. Before we use any tool we always come up with a pros vs. cons analysis to evaluate the tool beforehand. One of the Java tools we use quite frequently is ZK or ZKoss, an Ajax + Mobile enterprise framework that incorporates Spring, JPA, Hibernate, JavaEE, Grails, and Scala. I like to think of ZK as a front end tool that keeps you from having to create a UI from scratch. Like any other front end tool there are pros and cons of using a framework like ZK.

The number one pro of ZK is that it’s Open Source. Because it’s an open source product there is a community of developers that support it via the ZK Forums. It’s important to also note that the documentation for ZK is very good, and there have been few times when we have even needed to go to the forums for help. Another pro is that Big Name Companies use ZK which is always a positive. Companies such as Sony, Deutsche Bank, Sun Microsystems, IBM, Toyota, and Adobe are ZK users and to me one of the biggest red flags of a software tool is that nobody is using it. With ZK you know you’re dealing with a proven product that actually works. ZK has a Rich Modular UI which is made up of many different components you can call out without having to code from scratch. They have thought of almost everything out of the box, but additional components are included with the PE and EE paid versions of the product.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that ZK is a Free Product when you use the community edition. Because it’s free there is no upfront cost which is another positive, and there is no cost for a user license as well. If you are working with a legacy system and have decided to utilize ZK in an update to that legacy system you will experience much more control over the system than you had before.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Telephone Hacking

Everyone has come to know what phone hacking is after the parents of murdered schoolgirl; MillyDowler had their voicemail hacked into. But, it didn’t end there, it has subsequently been exposed that numerous celebrities have had their telephone hacked into by the British media. One more victim of the telephone hacking outrage has been the Royals. A phone hacker can be defined as somebody who listens to your voicemails without your consensus. However, to become a victim of phone hacking you don’t need to be a celeb.

Your telephone bill can upsurge by thousands of quid if you come to be the victim of telephone hacking. Impostors will hack into your phone system in a process known as phreaking. Phonehacking is least possible to be uncovered during holiday times and evenings, consequently that is when it is almost certainly to happen. You might have become a victim of telephone hacking if your phone bill has unexplainably enlarged dramatically.

Hacking into a telephone system can make the offenders a lot of money. There are websites that are dedicated to this activity; this is where the offenders are learning to do this. So you don’t need to be an internet geek to do this. However, it’s not until the damage has been done that many people realise what’s happened. Just like the anti-virus software for your computer, you need to secure your telephone.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Top Five Suggestions to Grow Twitter Followers Online

In terms of social networking, Twitter’s recent activity and progress is currently as huge as Facebook. Making a Twitter account and posting information is straightforward, since it merely requires a couple of minutes to have things going. Even so, it will necessitate a considerable amount of time for you to begin noticing results. Building an interesting following may be the most difficult part.

This can be still tricky for those already with accounts. For first timers to Twitter, this is a daunting aspect to accomplish. The buzzword “engagement” is normal to all folks, but how do you make that come about? To boost your Twitter presence online, check out Followersboosts.com and adopt these 5 suggestions.

1. Tweet and tweet regularly, but give room for responses 

Depending on how active you are or how active your Twitter profile is, anybody is quite likely to discover you on Twitter as well as become your follower. The more dynamic you are, the larger your chances of someone finding you and vice versa. The Twitter public timeline is where your tweets appear. You increase your probability of appearing there more often by increasing your number of tweets.

Nonetheless, tweeting on a regular basis and of nothing worthy sets you vulnerable to losing followers. By talking too much and about everything, you deny your followers room to respond. You ought to leave room between your topics of dialogue to permit others to communicate. You should therefore attempt to discuss one subject at a time.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Error occurred during initialization of VM / Could not reserve enough space for object heap

If you are getting below error while running a java program, possible reason could be JVM is running in another bit mode (32 bit OR 64 bit)

Error occurred during initialization of VM
Could not reserve enough space for object heap

Solution - Check out in which bit mode your JVM is running. you can use below command to find out in which bit mode your JVM is running.

java -d32 -version OR java -d64 -version

Find the line that executes the java command and add correct bit mode. For example ' -d64 ' to the java command line. This is a flag that forces the Java virtual machine to run in 64 bit mode.