Friday, November 9, 2012

Some Smart Social Media Marketing Tips

In today world, social media is the finest and essential way to market your business successfully. It is not an easier task especially with the lack of proper knowledge and understanding about different social media marketing strategies. There is large number of social media networks such as twitter, Google plus, Facebook, my space and so on which act as the powerful medium to market business and this is the reason  many business are hiring digital media agency that are expert in marketing strategy to market your business on social media. For some extent you can also do social media marketing of your business, here are some smart tips for social media marketing:

Post content which your target audience like to read not the content which you like to read. Many beginners write content based on their taste without considering type of the audience they are writing. Blogging about being businessman is good if your audience are business owners.
Determine social media marketing return on investment by examining and comparing return on investment on other advertising methods. Instead of comparing each and every thing, it will be better to compare the amount of traffic different channels are driving to your site.
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Regularly update your blog and post on your social media network every time you post new content on your blog. This can help to generate interest about your product or service among your network.
Don’t do hash tags stuffing in your tweets as it is seen that tweets with hash tags have 5 per cent less clicks than tweets without hash tags.
Don’t follow people more than are following you as search engines trust those with more twitter influence.
Create an online community and appreciate different members for their contribution and you can do that asking them for feedback, offering prizes and thanking them for their interactions.
Post of about how your product or service can help them out, not about what is your product or service. No one wants to know about you, everyone wants to solve their problems.
Stay professional and positive while making post or tweets and avoid depressing, vague and other personal tweets or post.
According to some social media scientist the tweet and post with self-reference have lessen retweets compare to other tweets. Therefore, be relevant, post useful and good information. 
Remember social media such as Facebook, twitter or whichever you are using are tools to distribute your message not a message 
Make use of social media data to find your target audience, create a media plan and to write your post. By seeing different customer conversation you can frame your marketing strategy effectively.
Before asking people to like your Facebook page provide them reason why they should like your page.
If your company made a mistake online, step out an own up the mistake instead of trying to play tricks and pretend to be hacked.
Incorporate social media sharing and follow buttons on your site, blog and in your emails to link people to your social media networks.
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Author Bio: The guest post was contributed by Emily, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Currently she is concentrating on same day cash loans.Find out more about her finance and travel related blogs @financeport.