Friday, July 14, 2017

Poor Employers in the Age of Technology

Every entrepreneur desires to have most skilled, diligent, well-mannered and reliable professionals. This is probably because the employees are the strength of an organization having the power to make or break it. While the motivated, creative and problem-solving employees support employer to flourish the business, the lazy, fickle and unproductive workforce can cause huge loss to the company.

Mostly it is a poor recruitment process that let the losers enter into the organization but sometimes the blame of turning a skillful person into unproductive creature goes to the technology. While the technological advancement has changed the human lifestyle, it has also changed the environment of workplaces. It is hard to imagine an office without computers, the internet, air conditioners and supportive technologies. While all these pieces of machinery have become necessities to work, these are the hindrances as well. So, the chances of employer bearing huge monetary loss or, in worst cases, losing his business are more because of the facilities provided to the employees than just the lack of efforts.

We have rounded up here a few basic facilities provided by the employer to its workforce that reversely cause his own failure.         

Internet – The main distraction that kills productivity

While the internet is a compulsion for online businesses, software houses, and many other businesses, it is full of distraction. Smartphones, social media, and emails are among the major workplace productivity killers. While the employer provides its employee with the internet for work-related tasks, the mischievous guys use the service for updating their Facebook profiles, playing games, and watching YouTube videos. Resultantly, they fail to accomplish their tasks at the time and make the employer bear the loss.

Mobile Phones Abuse

The companies that provide mobile phones to their staff, especially for marketing and sales purpose, have to pay a huge amount in form of mobile phone bills. These phones are not just used for work-related purposes but also for making hour’s long calls to personal contacts out of the city or even out of the country. Despite knowing that their mobile phone usage is being monitored by the company, they misuse the provided facility. Obviously, it negatively affects the business influencing its sales and causing a monetary loss in form of bills.

Exploitation of Hardware and Equipment

Every employee wants to work for an organization where he could get all the conveniences as well as a handsome remuneration. On the other, the employer wants to establish a workplace where everyone would wish to work and to get his desire fulfill he makes sure that his staff has all sort of technologies and equipment to boost their efficiency.

The situation goes wrong when employees start exploiting the company equipment that may include computers, printers, scanners, photo copy machines and portable devices including laptops, mobile phone, and tablets. Rather than uplifting efficiency, this hardware put the burden on employer’s pocket requiring regular maintenance. 

Mobile Workforce

These are the employees who get more privilege than the in-house staff as they are given access to company vehicle, laptop, smartphone and most probably an internet device. Since they do not have to stay at the workplace, they remain away from employer’s sight. Similar to the rest, they utilize every given facility less for the work and more for their personal use. Resultantly, the employer has to pay not just for the conveniences but also for their unproductivity.

Office Stationery

Another way of misusing facilities at work and causing monetary loss to the employer is the excessive use of office stationery. From pens, notebooks, and letterhead to printer inks, employees not just unreasonably use these things but also take them to home for personal use. This type of activities does not just influence the petty cash but also disturbs the annual expenditures and revenue of the company. The businesses that use personalized stationery or letter head specially designed for them has to bear more financial loss in case of misuse.      

Is there any solution?

When an employer fails to prevent its employees from misusing the given facilities, he might have to wind up the business due to lack of profitability. The best way to face off such unproductive and disloyal employees is to keep a close eye on their activities. This is what you can do with the help of employee monitoring software. Whatever your employees are doing during office hours, whatsoever they are speaking, listening and typing, you will be able to monitor and record each of their actions. When they will know that they are being monitored by their employer, they would try to curb the distractions and perform activities that are more beneficial for the progression of the company.      

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