Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Integration of DWR using Spring MVC

DWR is a Easy Ajax for Java. To know more click here.

In this article we will see sample codes for integration of DWR with spring MVC

Step 1 - Create a web project in eclipse.

Step 2 - Add below Spring libraries

  • Spring Core libraries
  • Spring Web libraries
  • Spring AOP libraries

Step 3 - Add dwr.jar
Download appropriate version of dwr.jar and add it in your application classpath. For example DWR 3 requires Spring version 2.5 or greater.

Step 4 - Create dependent files

Create spring DispatcherServlet and map URL pattern as shown below

If you are using Spring MVC you must declare dwr controller and url mapping i.e. SimpleUrlHandlerMapping as shown below


Step 5 - Deploy the project in tomcat (or any other web server) and check the output