Thursday, December 27, 2012

MSpy the new word in mobile tracking software

mSpy: the new word in a cell phone tracking software technology

Not knowing at all is mostly much more harmful than being lied to. The situation really
doesn’t matter. You could have an employee misusing the property of your company or is not
performing the job properly. You could be a concerned parent whose child is getting involved in
wrong activities which may bring some serious troubles for him/her. You could be the one with a
husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend that is cheating on you. In any case, it is important for you
to keep an eye on every detail in order to find out whether the person is honest or is constantly
lying to you. That is the time when MSpy can play its part.

How can MSpy help you?

As the name indicates- MSpy tracks the mobile phones. Many big companies keep a constant
check on the cell phone and internet activities of their employees in order to make sure that they
are not providing the confidential data or trade secrets to someone else. MSpy does nearly the
same thing for you. Once you install MSpy, you would be able to get access to all calls received
and made, text messages received and sent, internet usage and pictures taken etc. MSpy can
provide you access to almost every activity performed on the mobile phone.

How does it work?

It may sound a little high-tech, but it is not one of those impractical things that are shown in
movies. It is actually very simple to use:

  • Step 1- Getting access to the mobile phone that you want to monitor.
  • Step 2- Installing MSpy in your phone (it takes only a few minutes).
  • Step 3- Letting MSpy collect the required information.
  • Step 4- Accessing the logged information through secure website.

The most difficult part would just be to access the mobile phone that you want to monitor. You
need to have an unrestricted access to the mobile phone for a few minutes. You can have this
chance when the person is asleep, in shower or is away for any other reason. If the mobile phone
is kept locked or is password protected, you need to get that code in order to have an access to
the phone.

Once you install MSpy, it simply runs on the auto-pilot and remains virtually undetectable. The
other person will never be able to know that it’s there. Afterwards, you just need to visit a secure
website in order to view everything that MSpy has logged for you.

Which Phones could be tracked through MSpy?

The cell phones are going crazy nowadays which help you perform a number of amazing things.
Due to the rapid advancement in technology, many new phones are being introduced in the
market every year.

You might be concerned that MSpy would not work for specific mobile phones but it is actually
not the case. MSpy is not based on the phone itself rather it is based on its Operating System
(OS). Therefore as long as it is compatible with the OS of your phone, you can get benefit from
it. MSpy is compatible with iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Symbian OS and Window mobile. It is
important to mention that you need to jailbreak your iPhone before installing the MSpy. This is
not really an issue; it is quite simple to do, easily reversible and legal (involves no hacking).

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