Friday, October 26, 2012

Top 5 Kindle Fire HD Accessories

It was Apple's day yesterday, but today it's a bit easier to see things in a more neutral light. With that $329 price point, the $199 Android tablets like the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD aren't too threatened - Apple have gone into the market with a premium product at a premium pricepoint, and the $199 line will continue for now. Indeed, for a product that is $130 cheaper the Fire HD is surprisingly competitive, with a higher resolution display better suited for video and game content as well as a rich books ecosystem that rivals Apple's.

Today we'll be considering this tablet and some of the best accessories that are available for it on the market - if you're trying to choose between this and an iPad Mini, does that mean you have $130 to spend on Kindle Fire accessories? It's not a bad plan... let's see what we can get for that sum!

5. Slimline Rotating Leather Style Stand Case

We'll start off with a Slimline Leather Style Case. This Kindle Fire HD case is relatively inexpensive and available in multiple colours to allow you to really express yourself beyond the bland black colour of the Fire HD. The case also includes a rotating stand that allows you to stand your Kindle Fire HD in portrait or landscape modes easily, making it perfect for playing games, watching films or browsing the web. All with that leather look and feel, but without the environmental impact of real leather.

4. a-Jays One Heavy Bass Impact Earphones

One definite place you can upgrade the Kindle Fire Hd is the headphone department. While the iPad Mini will come with Apple's redesigned earpods, the headphones that come with the Fire HD are rather anemic and the speakers aren't much better. The a-Jays One are a good example of after-market earbuds you can purchase to shore up this deficiency, with powerful 8.6 dynamic drivers and a tangle-free flattened TPU cord.

3. Quirky Converge Universal USB Docking Station

The Quicky Converge is a good addition for anyone with more than a couple of gadgets, as it provides a single place to store and charge everything in your collection. With 4 USB ports and up to 2 mA of power, you'll be able to charge anything from tablets to phones to headsets and everything in between. The Converge has a stylish design that keeps the clutter of cables off your desk and keeps everything tidy and organised.

2. Momax iPower Pro 8000 mAh Universal Portable Battery Pack

The Fire HD is rated for eleven hours of use, but without judicious brightness settings and low-intensity activities like playing music you may notice you get a fair amount less than that. The Momax comes with a whopping 8000 mAh of battery power, allowing you to almost triple the amount of charge on standby and charge your Kindle Fire HD almost to full a little less than twice. Of course, the Momax works well with other USB-powered gadgets too!

1. Marware Axis Kindle Fire HD Case

We're going to finish up with an improved version of the same kind of accessory as we started it - a leather case with a rotatable stand. This time around, we've got the expense and quality of real leather, with a perfect look and feel in a professional black colour. The Axis also sports a more robust rotatable stand that works well in both portrait and landscape modes.


With that last pick, we bring our selections to a close. There's definitely a lot of Kindle Fire HD accessories you can get for $130 - I don't think we even used our full budget if you assume you'll only get one of the listed cases!

Thanks for reading and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below. Have a good one!